Amit Sarda’s Pipedrive Consulting Pitch

My entire work in Pipedrive is documented in this page: my Pipedrive Consulting Pitch, my articles, my tips and tricks, and my paid digital products.

I am a Pipedrive Consultant and this is my review of Pipedrive, just for your reference.

This is my Pipedrive Consulting Pitch, with everything important in one place.

Think of it as my sales letter.

I have helped multiple businesses set up and optimize their Pipedrive accounts. These businesses range from DTC luxury furniture companies in the UK, the US, and Australia, to dental practices in the UK, to businesses catering to the renewable energies space, and to European companies helping people be genuinely digital nomads.

I am the top contributor to Pipedrive’s community where I address challenging queries from Pipedrive business users.

To proceed with my Pipedrive Consulting projects, I typically ask for the following inputs:

  1. Volume of leads per week/month
  2. Team size, roles, and structure
  3. Lead/deal sources
  4. Your sales process: Pipeline stages, types of activities, sales roles, etc.
  5. Third-party apps you use (callers, texting, email, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Conversation Intelligence, etc.)
  6. Automation tool you use: Zapier or Make/Integromat

I have published a training series for Pipedrive on YouTube.

I have also written several articles about Pipedrive. The focus of my articles is the efficient and optimized use of Pipedrive’s features: