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As a Pipedrive Consultant, I build long-term partnerships with clients by providing strategic Pipedrive consulting to implement a customized, scalable sales management solution.

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Pipedrive enables small and medium-sized businesses to set up long-term, scalable business processes. It’s the perfect sales management system that helps grow the business and revenues.

Keen to understand the salient features of Pipedrive CRM that make it stand apart from other CRMs in the market?

A Pipedrive Consultant’s tips to Audit your Pipedrive Setup

I have discovered the following levels of Pipedrive adoption after working with several clients.

Assess where you and your business are with your adoption and use of Pipedrive.


Account Setup

Carefully define your Pipeline Stages, Activity Types, Lost Reasons, Custom Fields, Sales Roles, Visibility, etc. based on your high-level strategic goals, your business processes, and your sales strategy.


Standard Operating Procedures

Define how your leads are assigned and how your team is going to log and track activities, calls, and emails. Design your processes to build a robust sales management system.


Insights & Reporting

Define metrics to help evaluate how the business is doing and how to track and improve sales performance, thus increasing sales. Use this information to identify areas of improvement and to draw actionable plans for course correction when required.


New User Onboarding

Create a structured new user onboarding plan to help new users hit the ground running. Document your Pipedrive CRM setup and processes to build a reliable knowledge base.



Review everyday processes to identify opportunities for improvement. Periodic reviews help improve sales performance, which in turn results in improved sales.


Best Practices & Training

Identify the most efficient day-to-day sales workflow and train the team to follow the process.

Pipedrive Resources developed by me to help you get the most out of Pipedrive

How-To Videos, Articles and Guides, and Automation Blueprints

Free Pipedrive Tutorials on YouTube

Learn how to set up and customize Pipedrive, automate routine sales tasks, and set up Pipedrive for productivity.

Ready-to-use Automation Blueprints for Pipedrive Workflow Automation

Automate routine processes with automation blueprints made specifically for Pipedrive.

Paid Articles on how to optimize the use of Pipedrive

Best practices, tips, smart workarounds, automation workflows, and more.

Reviews from founders who have worked with me to develop and improve their sales operations in Pipedrive

Testimonials from my Pipedrive Consulting clients

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Pipedrive Consultant uses their experience from multiple projects and best practices to get you started on the right foot with Pipedrive. They help you avoid common mistakes when setting up Pipedrive and when using Pipedrive daily. They are problem-solvers at heart, and help you find ways to do certain things in Pipedrive most cost-effectively and efficiently. Pipedrive consultants have a better understanding of how things are set up in Pipedrive in the backend and can advise you on things to do in Pipedrive, and things to avoid doing in Pipedrive, etc.

Pipedrive consultants also provide you with training and coaching, create onboarding material for your staff, and educate your employees further about doing things the right way in Pipedrive.

Pipedrive is a sales CRM at its core. If you need a lead management system, where you have to work to close the lead/sale, Pipedrive is perfect for you. Pipedrive also has other modules like Project Management, Email Marketing, Chatbots, Chats, Webforms, etc. that can help you in other areas of your business operations.

Pipedrive has different tiers and the pricing is based on per user per month/year for the Sales CRM module. Additionally, there are certain fixed-cost add-ons for other features (project management, prospector leads, email marketing, etc.) that you can purchase with your Pipedrive subscription.
Pipedrive also offers parity pricing based on your geographical location. So the best option is to check out the pricing on Pipedrive’s pricing page to access the relevant pricing for your location.

It’s hard to say if there are any CRMs objectively better than Pipedrive. What’s better for one business can be different from what’s better for another business, and their business and sales processes. You can read my Pipedrive Review to see if Pipedrive is a good fit for you. Moreover, you can try Pipedrive for 30 days if you sign up using my affiliate link. The usual trial period is only 14 days, and this extended trial doesn’t ask you for your credit card details.

I have a CRM selection guide and a CRM selection framework that you will find useful.

Lastly, if you want to try out other CRMs, here are some options:

  • claims to be the next-gen CRM, and is a lot cheaper too.
  • Attio is going to be big in the next decade.
  • Hubspot CRM offers a free plan and has marketing, ticketing/support, CMS modules.
  • Keap is for solopreneurs who rely heavily on marketing automation.
  • Close is modern and powerful, but a bit expensive.
  • GoHighLevel is ideal for agencies.
  • Capsule has a free plan.
  • FreshSales is cheaper and scrappy.
  • StreakCRM is for people who want to work from their Gmail inbox.
  • Bigin is a free offering from Zoho.

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