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The right Pipedrive coaching & training from an expert Pipedrive Consultant will improve your sales.

Pipedrive Consulting for SMBs in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand

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I strive to build long-term partnerships with my clients by defining high-level sales strategy and CRM setup to build a robust and scalable sales management system for their business to set them up for success.

Pipedrive Setup & Implementation

Learn from a Pipedrive Consultant what a good setup looks like and how it improves the efficiency of your sales team.

Pipedrive Setup Tips

Workflow Automation

Leverage the experience of a Pipedrive Consultant to learn what can be automated using Automation tools.

Automation Examples

Sales Performance

Visualize the health of your sales operations with Pipedrive Insights and BI solutions like Tableau & Google Data Studio.

Performance Dashboard

Pipedrive Training

Let a Pipedrive Consultant like me teach your team how to work smartly by leveraging Pipedrive's simple capabilities.

Using Pipedrive

Sales Strategy

Define your sales strategy, sales process, and goals. and let a Pipedrive Consultant help you leverage Pipedrive's capabilities.

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Pipedrive Integration

Integrate Pipedrive with 3rd party apps to improve the capabilities of the CRM and your sales processes and workflows.

Automation Consulting


Reviews from people I have worked with before as a Pipedrive Consultant and a Pipedrive Expert

It was a fantastic experience to work with Amit as he helped to set-up a CRM system and all along the project, Amit was very easy to work with and has a mind-set of owner/entrepreneur. Takes a very collaborative approach. It was very evident at the start of the project that Amit was working with a future vision and pre-empting issues to lay a strong foundation. Would happily recommend to any one who is setting up CRM for years to come.

Mohit Bhalla
Commercial Director, a UK Dental Practice

Amit has really helped fine-tune and bring focus to my workflow. Since working with him my efficiency has gone through the roof. We have regular calls that structure my daily routine and help prioritize the best way to increase my sales and hone in on the most lucrative avenues. Amit is dedicated to making every project a success and scaling up businesses to their full potential. His knowledge of industry-leading sales CRMs such as Pipedrive is second to none and with systems being the heart of a business, his technical inputs fast tracks growth and success.

Alex Ford
Founder, a D2C startup

Amit provided me with great help in my first steps of using Pipedrive. Later on, when I got deeper and deeper into the process of using and mastering it, Amit was there all the time to answer professionally and tackle some not-very-common usages I asked to perform in the system. Amit showed creativity, an in-depth understanding of the specs, and how to solve problems (sic). A highly recommended professionalist!

Yair Yona
Founder, an Events startup

What a great experience this was. We worked to create a Pipedrive instance under a deadline and gave fantastic feedback.

Kelli Gatlin
Director of Sales & Marketing Operations

I'm an employee of Pipedrive. We sell a sales CRM and Amit is a partner of our business. Amit is a great professional, always ready to help, friendly, quick and above all really knowledgable about our tools and how to set up the best processes for our users.

Mike van der Valk
Senior Product Manager, Pipedrive

I was working 6 hours to fix small issues on the CRM, but thanks to Amit I was able to fix it in 15 min. Save your time and money, hire an expert like AMIT!

Alexander Skibinskiy
Chief Marketing Manager

Still on the fence about choosing Pipedrive?

Pipedrive enables small and medium-sized businesses to set up long-term, scalable business processes. It's the perfect sales management system that helps grow the business and revenues. Keen to understand the salient features of Pipedrive CRM that make it stand apart from other CRMs in the market?

Audit your Pipedrive Setup

I have arrived at the following levels of Pipedrive adoption based on my experience working with a number of clients. Assess where you and your business are with your adoption and use of Pipedrive.

Account Setup

Carefully define your Pipeline Stages, Activity Types, Lost Reasons, Custom Fields, Sales Roles, Visibility, etc. based on your high-level strategic goals, your business processes, and your sales strategy.

Our awesome features
Standard Operating Procedures

Define how your leads are assigned and how your team is going to log and track activities, calls, and emails. Design your processes to build a robust sales management system.

Our awesome features
Insights & Reporting

Define metrics to help evaluate how the business is doing and how to track and improve sales performance, thus increasing sales. Use this information to identify areas of improvement and to draw actionable plans for course correction when required.

Our awesome features
New User Onboarding

Create a structured new user onboarding plan to help new users hit the ground running. Document your Pipedrive CRM setup and processes to build a reliable knowledge base.

Our awesome features

Review everyday processes to identify opportunities for improvement. Periodic reviews help improve sales performance, which in turn results in improved sales.

Our awesome features
Best Practices & Training

Identify the most efficient day-to-day sales workflow and train the team to follow the process.

Our awesome features

Need help with Pipedrive Automation?

You can automate your sales processes using Pipedrive's Workflow Automation capabilities. Wherever Pipedrive's native automation capabilities are lacking, you can use third-party automation tools to improve your sales and marketing automation workflow.

My articles on Pipedrive CRM

A collection of my opinions and how-to guides to help you make the most out of your Pipedrive CRM system. I have written these articles based on my Pipedrive Consulting experience as a Pipedrive Expert.

Tips to set up your Pipedrive CRM Account the right way

Tips to set up the right way without wasting time on unnecessary details.

Pipedrive Setup Tips

How to set up Pipedrive Activities for Productivity

Make the activities view a one-stop place for all your sales activities!

Pipedrive Activities Setup

How to automate Leads Assignment in Pipedrive CRM

Learn how to assign leads to salespeople automatically in Pipedrive CRM.

Deals Assignment in Pipedrive

50+ Addons to improve your Pipedrive CRM processes

A comprehensive list of add-ons for Pipedrive CRM to increase your sales.

50+ Pipedrive Addons

How to link a Deal with a Person and an Organization in Pipedrive CRM

Use Zapier/Integromat to set up deals the right way in Pipedrive CRM.

Linking Deal to Person & Org

How to select the right CRM for your business?

A framework to evaluate which CRM is best suited for your requirements.

Selecting a CRM

How to export Data from Pipedrive to Google Sheets

Learn about tools to help you automatically export data from Pipedrive to Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Google BigQuery.

Exporting Pipedrive Data

Comparison of 6 Calling Apps for Pipedrive

Comparison of calling apps like Aircall, JustCall, Nextiva, OpenPhone, Cloudtalk, and MightyCall for Pipedrive and other CRMs.

Calling Apps for Pipedrive

Pipedrive Insights & Reporting Ideas to Track the Health your Business

A complete list of sales, sales efforts, and pipeline metrics to track the health of your business using Pipedrive Insights & Reporting.

Pipedrive Insights Ideas

11 Apps to Integrate LinkedIn with Pipedrive CRM

Apps to seamlessly integrate LinkedIn and Pipedrive, making your lead generation and sales workflow more efficient than ever before.

LinkedIn Integration Apps ->

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Grow your sales with the help of Expert Coaching.

Setup, Implementation, Customization

Process and Workflow Automation

Deals or Leads Assignment

3rd Party App Integration

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