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Here’s a comprehensive Pipedrive review for small businesses.

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Honest Pipedrive Review: The ideal CRM for small businesses

Because of its strengths and not-so-major deal-breakers, Pipedrive suits some business types more than others.

The size could range from small businesses to solopreneurs, to startups and serves enterprises too if set up the right way.

Pipedrive review of top features

A list of important Pipedrive features that make it ideal for small businesses.

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Advantages of Pipedrive

Things I love about Pipedrive based on my experience as a Pipedrive Consultant.

Disadvantages of Pipedrive

As this is an honest Pipedrive review, here are things that Pipedrive can do better or things that simply don’t work with Pipedrive.

What are some Pipedrive Alternatives?

In a bid to continue to provide an honest Pipedrive review, here are some Pipedrive alternatives that you can explore for your small and medium business.

Here’s a detailed note about CRM options and the approach to selecting the right one for you.

Read about all the add-ons you could add to your Pipedrive CRM to improve its capabilities.

A quick comparison between Pipedrive and other prominent CRMs

CRMObjects SupportedFeaturesComparisonsProsCons
– Leads
– Deals
– Activities (Tasks)
– Persons (Contacts)
– Organization (Companies)
– Projects
– Contact/Web Forms
– Live Chat & Chatbots
– Email Marketing
– Web Visitors Tracking
– Prospecting
– Facebook & WhatsApp Messaging
– Project Management
– Workflow Automation
– Smart Documents
– Pipedrive vs Hubspot
– Pipedrive vs Close
– Pipedrive vs FreshSales
– Pipedrive vs Zoho
– Pipedrive vs Salesforce
– Pipedrive vs Copper
Offers Parity Pricing
Easy to set up and learn
Apps Marketplace
Thriving Community
– Multiple Email Accounts Sync
– Multiple Email Signatures
– Customize deal cards in the pipeline view
– Sort deal cards in the pipeline view
– AI-powered Sales Assistant
– AI-powered SmartApp Recommendations
– Completely Customizable Navigation
– Contacts Timeline View
– Automated Leads/Deals Assignments/Routing
Lack of Native Calling
Lack of Advanced Reporting
– Column filters unavailable
– Can’t add multiple contacts under one deal
No FREE plan
Hubspot– Deals
– Person (Contacts)
– Organization
– Activities (Tasks)
– Tickets
– Custom Objects
– Landing Pages
– Contact/Web Forms
– Email Marketing
– Live Chat
– Web Visitors
– Ticketing
– Workflow Automation
– Smart Documents
– Hubspot vs Pipedrive
– Hubspot vs Salesforce
– Hubspot vs Zoho
– All-in-one platform
Generous starter plan
– Offers Training & Certifications
– Allows Custom Object Creation
– Allows linking multiple people to a deal
– Customize deal cards in the pipeline view
– Automatic company creation
– Become too expensive very soon
– Steep learning curve
– Complex automation and Zapier integration
– Clunky UX that requires extra clicks

FAQs about Pipedrive

Pipedrive now has a Campaigns feature to support email marketing along with its contact forms, live chat, and chatbot features.

Pipedrive’s Prospector feature allows you to comb through millions of contacts and organizations based on your criteria.

Pipedrive’s advanced plans allow you to create multiple dashboards and reports. Although limiting today, it is a work in progress, and you can always set up data pipelines to visualize your data in tools like Google Data Studio and Tableau.

Pipedrive has a really flat learning curve and helps staff hit the ground running just after a single coaching call and using free resources on YouTube and the Pipedrive Community.