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I am listing top SaaS deals for Small and Medium Businesses, ranging from CRMs, CRM Addons, Nocode, and automation.

Top SaaS Deals for SMBs

List of Top SaaS Deals for SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses)

SoftwareDescriptionCategorySignup Perks
MarketerHireConnect with top-tier marketing professionals to elevate your business strategies and outcomes.Talent$1,500 credit towards first hire
PipedriveAccelerate revenue growth with a comprehensive sales platform that streamlines processes, tracks deals, and optimizes your entire sales pipeline.CRM30-day FREE Extended Trial
FramerDesign and launch visually striking websites collaboratively, combining powerful design tools with seamless publishing capabilities.NoCode[partner25proyearly] 3 months FREE
GlideTransform your data into a functional mobile app instantly, without coding, using just a spreadsheet as your foundation.NoCode[AMIT15] 15% OFF your first year
CouplerStreamline data workflows by automating syncing between apps, creating real-time dashboards and reports for improved decision-making.Data Backup[MTSRD] 20% OFF for 2 months
WaalaxyAutomate and personalize your LinkedIn and email outreach to boost response rates and efficiently connect with potential clients.Outbound Automation[BTFCWGKRIROY] 20% Discount
Unicorn PlatformDrag & drop website and blog builder for startups, mobile apps, and SaaS.NoCode[viafirst20] 20% discount
BeehiivAccess the best tools available in email, helping your newsletter scale and monetize like never before.Email Marketing20% off for 3 months
KrispCallStreamline global communication with a cloud-based phone system that unifies international calling and SMS messaging in one user-friendly application.Telephony[AFFKCALLS20%] 20% OFF LIFETIME
NavanSimplify corporate travel and expense management with a unified platform that increases visibility, reduces costs, and enhances control.BusinessOnboard your company to earn $500
Clay.comBoost meeting bookings with AI-driven, personalized outreach that leverages diverse data sources for highly targeted campaigns.Outbound Automation3000 FREE credits upon upgrade
JustCallAll-in-One Business Communication Platform that offers a cloud phone system and SMS solution for sales and customer support teams.Telephony20%/10% OFF on annual/monthly plans
MakeDesign and implement complex automated workflows visually, enhancing productivity without coding skills for seamless business processes.Automation1 month of FREE PRO account
EngageAIEmpower Introverts, SMB Owners, and BDMs with AI in building relationships on LinkedInOutbound Automation[SAVE15] $15 discount for first month
GoZenAI-powered forms, capture leads, and automate content and email marketing with GoZenForms2 months FREE on any paid plan
SimplifiedEmpower your marketing team with an all-in-one, easy-to-use app for seamless campaign management.Copy,Content,NoCode,Design[JUNE30] 30% off on all annual plans
involve.meBoost conversions with AI-powered forms that automate creation, personalize experiences, and provide intelligent data analysis for actionable insights.Forms15% off on first purchase
OmnisendTake the shortcut to revenue growth with Omnisend’s easy-to-use platform for ecommerce email marketing, SMS and automation.Email Marketing30% OFF for Woocommerce
BackendlessFull Stack Visual App Development PlatformNocode Utilities[PROMO15] 15% DISCOUNT
RetoolQuickly build internal tools and dashboards, using your team’s own data and integrations.NoCode20% off for first 6 months
Kitchen.coKitchen helps you easily organize all your project conversations, tasks, invoices, and deliverables.Project Management[KITCHEN10] 10% discount
tldvThe meeting recorder that transcribes & summarizes your calls with customers, prospects, and your team.Telephony[eSHNE0PfjcW] 30% off for 6 months
SendSparkEnhance engagement and build stronger connections with personalized video messages.Outbound Automation[FRIEND] 15% OFF
OpenPhoneUnify business communications in a user-friendly app, enabling seamless work from anywhere with integrated calls, texts, and contacts.Telephony10% off your first 3 months
Social BeeSocialBee helps you manage your social media accounts—create, schedule, publish, and analyze your posts.Social Media[SBDAY2024] 20% to 80% OFF
JotformGo from busy work to less work with powerful forms that use conditional logic, accept payments, generate reports, and automate workflows.Forms50% OFF on first subscription
PagecloudLaunch your online store, website, or landing page today.NoCode20% discount
WewebBuild production-grade applications 10x faster
WeWeb is a no-code front-end builder that you can use to build on-top of any back-end.
NoCode10% off for first 12 months
FastgenVisual tool for rapid backend development, generating databases and APIs while easily integrating third-party services.Automation30% discount for first 6 months
AttioPowerful, flexible and data-driven, Attio makes it easy to build the exact CRM your business needs.CRM10% discount
VoicespinAdvanced contact center platform boosting sales and productivity through CRM integration and enhanced agent experience.Telephony10% discount
ContactOutMost accurate email finder for personal and work email outreach. Email lookup, campaign tool, and AI writer.Outbound Automation[ASARDA2024] 10% OFF
XanoThe No-Code Backend to Power and Scale any AppNocode Utilities10% off all plans
LidoSave time and eliminate errors by automating tedious spreadsheet tasks effortlessly.Automation15% off for first 12 months
MylanceLead Gen for your fractional businessOutbound Automation[MylanceAffiliate30] 30% off for 2 months
Fathom.videoFathom records, transcribes, highlights, and summarizes your meetings so you can focus on the conversation.Telephony3 months FREE AI summaries
Firstbase.ioLaunch and manage a US-based business remotely, handling incorporation, banking, and essential operations through a single online platform.Business[PARTNER10, MAILROOM10, LIGHT10, AUTOPILOT10, PAYROLL10] 10% (or $10) discount
ParabolaCollaboratively document and automate everyday manual processes.Automation$20 credit & 1:1 with Parabola
HyperiseHyper-Personalize your sales outreach
and 2X your conversions
Business[FPA20DISC] 20% OFF
tellaYour all-in-one screen recorder, to create incredible product demos, tutorials, courses, for Mac & Windows.Telephony30% discount
B2B RocketAI Agents by B2B Rocket: Reach Every Prospect on Earth, On Autopilot!Outbound Automation50% OFF for first quarter
BugHerdBugHerd is a visual bug tracking website feedback tool for web agencies, developers, and product managers that improves communication for teams.BusinessGet 20% off your first 3 months
Fathom AnalyticsUnderstand your website visitors without spying on them by using Fathom Analytics.Business$10 credit
KifloBuild, structure, and scale your Partner Ecosystem fast.Affiliate$150 off over 3 months
CelloCello is the easiest way to add a P2P referral program to any SaaS product in hours.Affiliate10% OFF upto total $1,000
BentoBoost your online business with powerful email and SMS marketing automation through our advanced messaging platform.Email Marketing30-day free trial
List of Top SaaS Deals for SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses)

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