39 Clay Integrations to scale outbound campaigns efficiently

A brief look at Clay integrations to efficiently scale your outbound growth campaigns using third party services and data providers.

You have read about Clay in my article about choosing the right Clay plan.

This article is about Clay integrations to scale outbound campaigns efficiently at reduced costs.

To get started with Clay.com with a comfortable cushion of 3,000 credits (worth $229), sign up using this affiliate link.

Clay Integrations

What are third party integrations in Clay?

Clay integrates a number of services to help you prospect, enrich, personalize, and reach out to your target audience. These services range from scrapers, email finders, email validators, prospectors, email campaign, LLMs, social media, etc. As such these integrations are data providers to help build your scalable outbound campaigns in Clay.

You can find the complete list of integrations on Clay’s website.

Do you have to sign up for third party apps to use with Clay?

No, because Clay has direct integrations with majority of the services.

The upside of using Clay’s native connections is that you don’t have to sign up for each service yourself.

You can use Clay’s direct connection without worrying about separate accounts and additional billing.

The downside is that it may turn out to be more costly, depending on the Clay plan you’re on.

Native Clay Integration vs Direct Integration: How to choose?

3 factors will decide your choice:

  • Your Clay plan and tier (your cost per 1,000 credits)
  • Cost of the native integration in terms of number of Clay credits
  • Monthly cost of the direct integration and the effective cost per action

Clay allows you to bring your API keys for almost every service you can use in Clay.
These services offer their features at a smaller cost as compared to what it costs when you use Clay‘s connections.

For instance, the cost of validating 10,000 emails with:

One important point to note here is that Clay returns credits when the response is not positive from the service being used. So you can discount these numbers by the quality of the data you’re working with, while other services will cost you credits regardless of whether the query resulted in a positive or a negative response.

So, find what works for you, at each tier, for each service.

As I have elaborated above, the cost of 1,000 credits on Clay’s lower plans is high.
So on lower plans and tiers of Clay.com, it would be wise to use your direct API keys for services like ZeroBounce.

Carry this analysis for every software you use with Clay.com, preferably on the highest Clay.com tier.

Clay Integrations by Category to scale outbound campaigns

PipedriveThe all-in-one sales platform for growing revenue.CRM
CloseTurn more leads into revenue with a high-performance CRM— built for ambitious, remote sales teams.CRM
HubspotFree CRM Software With Something for EveryoneCRM,Email MarketingMarketing Emails
InstantlyInstantly helps you scale your outreach campaigns through unlimited email sending accounts, unlimited warmup, and smart AI.CRM,Outbound AutomationCold Emailing,Prospecting,Inbox Management
Snov.ioScale your business and engage leads better with the sales toolbox and CRM platform that deliver growth.CRM,Outbound Automation,Data EnrichmentCold Emailing,Email Validation,Email Finder,Prospecting,LinkedIn Automation
FindymailScrape, find & clean emails for your B2B prospectingData EnrichmentEmail Finder,Email Validation
SwordfishSearch for a person using the Swordfish API.Data EnrichmentProspecting,Email Finder,Phone Finder
UpleadBuild prospecting lists free from dodgy data, bad-fit buyers and low-qualified leads.Data EnrichmentEmail Validation,Prospecting,Phone Finder,Email Finder,Intent,Technographic
HunterHunter lets you find professional email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business.Data EnrichmentCold Emailing,Email Finder,Prospecting,Email Validation
DropContactFind emails with the Clay DropContact IntegrationData EnrichmentEmail Finder,Email Validation,Company Change
ApolloSearch, engage and convert over 250 million contacts at over 60 million companies with Apollo’s sales intelligence and engagement platform.Data Enrichment,Outbound AutomationProspecting,Email Finder,Phone Finder
KasprKaspr is a LinkedIn Chrome Extension and web app that gives you access to B2B contact data in seconds.Data Enrichment,Outbound AutomationProspecting,Email Finder,Phone Finder,LinkedIn Automation
BuiltWithBuiltWith provides website technology trends analysis and competitor intelligence products to businessesData Enrichment,Outbound AutomationTechnographic,Prospecting
Seamless.aiThe #1 rated sales lead AI software for businesses to do B2B direct dials, mobile numbers, and find emails.Data Enrichment,TelephonyIntent,Prospecting,Email Finder,Phone Finder,Company Change,Calling
WoodpeckerCold emails that start warm business conversationsEmail MarketingCold Emailing
SmartleadAdd, update, or lookup leads in your Smartlead campaigns.Email MarketingCold Emailing
ZoptoLinkedIn Lead Generation Like You Always ImaginedEmail Marketing,Outbound AutomationCold Emailing,LinkedIn Automation,Prospecting
Reply.ioReply is your all-in-one sales engagement platform to create new opportunities at scale while keeping every touchpoint personal.Email Marketing,Outbound AutomationCold Emailing,Prospecting,Email Deliverability,Email Finder,Email Validation,LinkedIn Automation
TypeformPeople-Friendly Forms and SurveysForms
ShopifyMore than a million of the world’s most successful brands trust Shopify to sell, ship and process payments anywhere.NoCodeeCommerce
CloselyLinkedIn Automation Tool — Software for Lead Generation & OutreachOutbound AutomationProspecting,Email Finder,Cold Emailing,LinkedIn Automation
PersistIQThe outbound automation tool designed for small teamsOutbound AutomationCold Emailing,LinkedIn Automation,Prospecting
BouncerBulk Email Address Verification and Validation APIOutbound AutomationEmail Validation
La Growth MachineMulti-channel automated outbound outreachOutbound AutomationLinkedIn Automation
SaleshandyA Cold Email Outreach tool both you and your prospects will loveOutbound AutomationCold Emailing,Email Warmup,Prospecting,Inbox Management
ZeroBounceAccurate, fast and secure email validation serviceOutbound AutomationEmail Validation
Super SendAutomate cold outreach across linkedin, twitter, and email.Outbound AutomationCold Emailing,LinkedIn Automation
SkyleadLinkedIn Automation & Cold Email Software That Thinks For YouOutbound AutomationLinkedIn Automation,Personalization,Cold Emailing,Email Finder,Email Validation
WizaContact your prospects on LinkedIn & Email. Get responses. Automated and easy. From €0 per month.Outbound AutomationProspecting,LinkedIn Automation,Email Finder,Phone Finder
BouncifyLeading Email List Cleaning & Email Verification ServiceOutbound AutomationEmail Validation
LunaMind-blowing personalized cold emails, written for you.Outbound AutomationCold Emailing,Prospecting,Technographic,Intent
OutbaseOutbase is the world’s first end-to-end prospecting platformOutbound AutomationProspecting,Cold Emailing
HeyreachLinkedIn automation platform for lead gen agencies and recruitersOutbound AutomationInbox Management,Cold Emailing,LinkedIn Automation
AmpleMarketAI platform for pain-free revenue growth. Everything you need for smarter lead generation, engagement, and prospect intelligence.Outbound AutomationIntent,Company Change,Prospecting,Email Finder,Phone Finder,Email Validation
BrightDataReceive realtime data collector resultsScraping
PhantomBusterGenerate leads from all major networks & websitesScraping
ApifyFull-stack web scraping and data extraction platformScraping
ZenrowsNext-generation Web Scraping APIScraping
ScrapingBeeScrapingBee API handles headless browsers and rotates proxies for you.Scraping


Clay offers numerous integrations to scale outbound campaigns efficiently and at reduced costs. These integrations range from CRM, eCommerce, Email, Email Validation, Enrichment, Forms, Outbound Automation, to Scraping. Clay’s direct integrations eliminate the need for separate accounts and additional billing. However, the choice between native Clay integration and direct integration depends on the Clay plan, the cost of the native integration in terms of Clay credits, and the monthly cost of the direct integration.