Amit Sarda (sardamit), a Business Consultant for SMBs

Hello, I am Amit Sarda! I am a Consulting Systems Designer.

I build systems for SMBs using SaaS, Nocode, and automation to help business founders grow their businesses.

I am well-versed with multiple nocode platforms

Each of the following platforms have certified me as an expert

Glide Apps

Build internal tools, MVPs, business applications in days

My Glide Apps Expert Profile


Zapier empowers you to automate your work.

My Zapier Expert Profile


Turn your Airtable into portals or internal tools.

My Softr Expert Profile


Instantly create internal tools from Airtable or Google Sheets

My Noloco Expert Profile

My latest blog posts

A collection of opinions, thoughts, how-to guides I have published.

My Expertise

Platforms that feel like play to me


Optimize your CRM setup and train teams to use it efficiently.

Pipedrive Consulting


Find insights from your data that will help you grow your business.

Tableau Portfolio

Glide Apps

Build business applications with the help of a Certified Expert.

Glide App Development


Automate your mundane tasks using Zapier, n8n, Integromat.

Automation Consulting

Reviews from people I have worked with before


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