Pipedrive Workflow Automation Examples

Updated: September 13, 2022

A running list of workflow automation ideas for Pipedrive to improve your sales processes using automation tools like Zapier, Make, n8n.


I have created 100s of automation flows for my Pipedrive clients.

I am creating this page as a running list of automation ideas that anybody can use.

Leads Assignment

  • Assign newly created deals to members of the sales team based on predefined criteria.

  • Assign newly created deals to members of the sales team based on the enquirer’s geographic address.

Streamline handover of deals

  • Create an activity for the new deal owner when a deal is reassigned.
  • Reassign deals to another person when it reaches a certain stage.
  • Change person/organization ownership when deal ownership changes.

Optimize the selling process

  • Create an activity for a new deal so you don’t have to leave the Activity view.
  • Create a new activity when a previous activity is marked done.
  • Schedule the next activity in the engagement sequence.
  • Move deals to the next stage when an activity is marked done.
  • Create a list of activities when a deal’s stage or status changes to emulate checklists.

Keeping the account clean

  • Schedule follow-up activities for open deals without activities.
  • Notify the sales team about duplicate deals.
  • Delete all open activities when a deal is lost or deleted.

Interested in automating your Pipedrive workflow?

  • Create clickable WhatsApp links for every new person.
  • Send an email/SMS/WhatsApp when a new deal is created.
  • Schedule the next activities at regular intervals.
  • Move activities scheduled for the weekend or activities scheduled outside working hours.


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