6 Affordable Texting/Messaging/SMS Apps for Pipedrive

Compare top texting or SMS apps for Pipedrive like JustCall, CloudTalk, OpenPhone, SimpleTexting, and Sakari for sales engagement, automation, and analytics.


Text messaging has become an indispensable communication channel that customers expect businesses to use. Integrating texting capabilities into your sales workflow can help your team engage leads faster and close more deals. In this post, we’ll compare some of the top SMS apps for Pipedrive and services that integrate with Pipedrive to help you boost sales.

SMS Apps for Pipedrive

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JustCall – Simplified Mass Texting for Business


JustCall is a cloud-based phone system that makes it easy to create and send bulk SMS campaigns to contacts. Its text inbox allows you to manage replies right within the platform.

SMS/Texting features offered by JustCall:

  • Create contact lists and schedule SMS campaigns in bulk
  • Send messages instantly or schedule for later
  • Manage replies from customers in the JustCall text inbox
  • Integrations with CRMs and business tools
  • Detailed SMS analytics and reporting

Pricing for JustCall with SMS/Texting features

  • Monthly: Starts at $29/user/month
  • Annually: Starts at $19/user/month

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CloudTalk – Automated SMS and MMS for Business Workflows


CloudTalk is a cloud-based call center software that enables sending SMS and MMS messages to contacts. It allows automating text workflows, scheduling messages, and integrating with business tools like CRMs.

SMS/Texting features offered by CloudTalk:

  • Send SMS messages with reusable templates
  • Schedule SMS and MMS campaigns for future delivery
  • Set up automated SMS follow-up sequences
  • Support for MMS picture and file messaging
  • Integrates with Salesforce, Freshdesk, Help Scout, etc.
  • Detailed analytics on SMS performance

Pricing for CloudTalk with SMS/Texting features

  • Monthly: Starts at $30/user/month

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OpenPhone – Unified Texting and Calling for Teams


OpenPhone offers a business phone system with built-in text messaging that unifies conversations across calls, texts, and voicemails. It enables automated workflows, scheduled messages, and team collaboration features.

SMS/Texting features offered by OpenPhone:

  • Native SMS/MMS capabilities included
  • Unified threads for calls, texts, voicemails
  • Auto-replies based on triggers
  • Schedule messages for future delivery
  • Team messaging with internal threads
  • Integrations with business tools
  • International messaging available

Pricing for OpenPhone with SMS/Texting features

  • Monthly: Starts at $17/user/month
  • Annually: Starts at $13/user/month

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Sakari – Robust SMS Marketing and Engagement


Sakari offers a feature-rich business text messaging platform to send and receive SMS/MMS for marketing, support, and automation. It provides tools for bulk messaging, campaigns, two-way conversations, and CRM integrations.

SMS/Texting features offered by Sakari:

  • Send and receive SMS/MMS conversations
  • Create automated workflows and text campaigns
  • Bulk messaging to thousands of contacts
  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android
  • Integrations with HubSpot, Pipedrive, etc.
  • Real-time response notifications
  • International texting to over 200 countries

Pricing for Sakari with SMS/Texting features

  • Monthly: Starts at $16/user/month

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Textline – Secure Team Texting for Better Customer Experiences


Textline offers a business SMS platform built for customer support, sales, and operations teams. It enables secure two-way texting with customers and provides tools to collaborate, automate workflows, and integrate with other software.

SMS/Texting features offered by Textline:

  • Built specifically for teams with security and compliance
  • Real-time two-way conversations at scale
  • Text tools for sales, support, alerts
  • Automations and reporting
  • Native integrations with top business apps
  • HIPAA compliant healthcare texting

Pricing for Textline with SMS/Texting features

  • Monthly: Starts at $59.97/month, 3 agents included

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SimpleTexting – Easy and Powerful Mass Text Messaging


SimpleTexting is a mass texting service that makes it easy for businesses to send bulk SMS and MMS campaigns. It provides tools to grow and segment your texting audience as well as schedule, automate and personalize messages.

SMS/Texting features offered by SimpleTexting:

  • Send mass SMS and MMS campaigns in minutes
  • Import contacts or build your audience with keywords
  • Schedule campaigns for future delivery
  • Automate workflows with triggers
  • Personalize messages with merge tags
  • Mobile apps for sending texts on the go
  • Detailed texting analytics and reports

Pricing for SimpleTexting with SMS/Texting features

  • Monthly: Starts at $39/user/month

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Texting enables quick, casual communication that feels less intrusive than calls to prospects. Integrating SMS apps with Pipedrive allows your team to log conversations as activities and associate them with deals in the pipeline. Solutions like JustCall, CloudTalk, OpenPhone offer the ability to text right from Pipedrive with features like automation, scheduling, team messaging and more.

Standalone texting services like SimpleTexting allow sending SMS campaigns and collecting customer data. Meanwhile, Sakari provides robust texting tools for sales engagement. With their CRM integrations and detailed analytics, these SMS apps for Pipedrive can help unify your sales workflow and increase productivity. Evaluate which option best suits your business needs to maximize your Pipedrive ROI with texting capabilities.