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Pipedrive is an activity-based Sales CRM that just works

Pipedrive helps your team sell by keeping things extremely simple. I will spend 30 minutes with you if you sign up.

Why Pipedrive?

Activity-based Sales

Work from a single place in Pipedrive instead of jumping around in multiple places.


Powerful Automation

Automate creating or updating objects based on events in Pipedrive.


Easy Bulk Updates

Bulk edit Pipedrive objects or bulk email leads to get things done faster and efficiently.


3rd Party Integration

Extend the functionality of Pipedrive by integrating with 3rd party apps.


Powerful Insights

Insights and reports to show what's happening in your sales organization.


Stupidly Simple

Simple and intuitive layouts that allow you to sort and filter data.



Make changes to the system to suit your needs, right from layouts to notification settings.


Visibility Control

Maintain healthy competition within your organization by creating boundaries.


Need help with Pipedrive?

What can Pipedrive's Workflow Automation help you do?

Using Pipedrive's in-built workflow automation capabilities, Zapier, Integromat, n8n, etc. you can supercharge your sales process.

Assign deals based on a criteria

Assign newly created deals to members of the sales team based on predefined criteria.

Assign deals based on location

Assign newly created deals to members of the sales team based on the enquirer’s geographic address.

Synchronize ownership of objects

Change person/organization ownership when deal ownership changes.

Streamline handover of deals

Create an activity for the new deal owner when a deal is reassigned.

Optimize the selling process

Create an activity for a new deal so you don’t have to leave the Activity view.

Create activities when deals move

Create a list of activities when a deal’s stage or status changes to emulate checklists.

Notify duplicate deals

Create activities to notify deal owners about wasted effort.

Cleanup irrelevant activities

Delete all open activities when a deal is lost or deleted.

Improve cross-app usage

Create clickable WhatsApp links for every new person.

Avoid having things falling through the cracks

Schedule follow-up activities for open deals without activities.

Acknowledge new enquiries

Send an email as soon as a new deal is created and when activities are marked done.

Set up selling cadence

Create a new activity when a previous activity is marked done.

Pipedrive Addons
TelephonyEmail AutomationSales Process
Pipedrive Addons
TelephonyEmail AutomationSales Process
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