Pipedrive Review and Extended free trial of Pipedrive

Pipedrive Review and Pipedrive Alternatives for SMBs

Pipedrive is the perfect CRM for new and growing business. Here's Pipedrive Review and a look at some Pipedrive Alternatives to help you decide if Pipedrive is the right CRM for your growitng business.

Pipedrive Pros

A list of Pipedrive pros that make it tick for small and medium-sized businesses.

Activity-based Sales

Work from a single place in Pipedrive instead of jumping around in multiple places.


Powerful Automation

Automate creating or updating objects based on events in Pipedrive.


Easy Bulk Updates

Bulk edit Pipedrive objects or bulk email leads to get things done faster and efficiently.


3rd Party Integration

Extend the functionality of Pipedrive by integrating with 3rd party apps.


Powerful Insights

Insights and reports to show what's happening in your sales organization.


Stupidly Simple

Simple and intuitive layouts that allow you to sort and filter data and view your sales pipeline.



Make changes to the system to suit your needs, right from layouts to notification settings.


Visibility Control

Maintain healthy competition within your organization by creating boundaries.


Need help with Pipedrive?

I am a Pipedrive Consultant and can help you set up Pipedrive for your business efficiently.

My articles on Pipedrive CRM

A collection of my notes to help you decide if you should choose Pipedrive CRM or go with a Pipedrive alternative.

Configure an efficient sales system and process

A quick guide to configuring and setting up Pipedrive CRM for efficient sales.


How to select the right CRM for your business?

A framework to evaluate which CRM is best suited for your requirements.


Tips to set up your Pipedrive CRM Account the right way

Tips to set up the right way without wasting time on unnecessary details.


How to automate Leads Assignment in Pipedrive CRM

Learn how to assign leads to salespeople automatically in Pipedrive CRM.


How to link a Deal with a Person and an Organization in Pipedrive CRM

Use Zapier/Integromat to set up deals the right way in Pipedrive CRM.


6 Ways to Integrate WhatsApp with Pipedrive CRM

Learn ways to integrate WhatsApp with Pipedrive CRM to increase revenues.


What are Pipedrive's Sales Workflow Automation Capabilities?

You can automate your sales processes using Pipedrive's Workflow Automation capabilities. Wherever Pipedrive's native automation capabilities are lacking, you can use third-party automation tools to improve your sales and marketing automation workflow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about Pipedrive?

Does Pipedrive offer any marketing tools?

Pipedrive now has a Campaigns feature to support email marketing along with its contact forms, live chat, and chat bot features.

Does Pipedrive offer Lead Generation capibilities?

Pipedrive's Prospector feature allows you to comb through millions of contacts and organizations based on your criteria.

Does Pipedrive offer Customized Reporting?

Pipedrive's advanced plans allow you to create multiple dashboards and reports. Although limiting today, it is a work in progress, and you can always set up data pipelines to visualize your data in tools like Google Data Studio and Tableau.

Is Pipedrive difficult to learn?

Pipedrive has a really flat learning curve and helps staff hit the ground running just after a single coaching call and using free resources on YouTube and the Pipedrive Community.


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