Pipedrive Alternatives for Small Businesses

Pipedrive Alternatives for Small Businesses

Here's a comprehensive review of Pipedrive alternatives and a brief CRM comparison for small businesses.

Pipedrive is the ideal CRM for small businesses

Because of its strengths and not-so-major deal-breakers, Pipedrive suits some business types more than other business types, from small businesses to solopreneurs, to startups and serves enterprises too if set up the right way.

Consulting Businesses

Ideal for Business Consulting and Marketing Agencies

Pipedrive for Consulting

Real Estate

Ideal for multiple roles like brokers, multi-family office

Pipedrive for Real Estate

Technology & SaaS

Ideal for SaaS and technology sales teams

Pipedrive for Tech & SaaS

Clean Energy

Ideal for businesses in the solar and renewable energy industry

Pipedrive for Energy Sector

Key Features of Pipedrive

A list of key Pipedrive features that make it ideal for small businesses.

Activity-based Sales

Work from a single place in Pipedrive instead of jumping around in multiple places.

Pipedrive's Philosophy

Powerful Automation

Create sales & marketing automation flows based on events in Pipedrive.

Workflow Automation

Data Import & Updates

Bulk edit Pipedrive objects, or import data from CSV or Excel for easy CRM migration.

CRM Data Migration

Powerful Insights

Insights and reports to show what's happening in your sales organization.

Reporting & Dashboards


Customise to suit your needs, right from custom fields, to layouts, to notification settings.

Pipedrive Setup

Visibility Control

Maintain healthy competition within your organization by creating boundaries.


What's new in Pipedrive?

New Pipedrive features that were launched in 2022

Smart sales docs management for teams

Time delayed automation

Recurring activities synced with Google Calendar

Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp integration

Project management

Email marketing

Advantages of Pipedrive

Things I love about Pipedrive based on my experience as a Pipedrive Consultant.

Offers Parity Pricing

Price points for each pricing plan in Pipedrive depend on your billing location.

Pipedrive Pricing

Easy to set up and learn

A basic setup in Pipedrive takes less than an hour and is super intuitive to pick up.

Pipedrive Setup Tips

3rd Party Integration

Extend the functionality of Pipedrive by integrating with 3rd party apps using Zapier or Make.

Pipedrive App Marketplace

Stupidly simple

Simple and intuitive layouts like spreadsheets that allow you to sort your sales pipeline data.

Using Pipedrive

Disadvantages of Pipedrive

Things that Pipedrive can do better or things that simply don't work with Pipedrive.

Lack of Calling Insights

You have to analyze call activities outside Pipedrive using BI tools like Tableau, Google Data Studio.

Analyzing Call Outcomes

Can't add multiple contacts under one deal

Pipedrive is not ideal when you have multiple contacts to interact with as part of a deal.

Other Pipedrive Features

Uncustomizable Pipeline view

Although of little use and not a deal breaker, Deal cards in Pipedrive can't be customized.

Customization in Pipedrive

No FREE plan

Pipedrive doesn't offer a FREE plan, but plans start at $9.9 depending on your location.

Pipedrive Pricing

Need help with Pipedrive?

I am a Pipedrive Consultant and can help you set up Pipedrive for your business efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about Pipedrive?

Does Pipedrive offer any marketing tools?

Pipedrive now has a Campaigns feature to support email marketing along with its contact forms, live chat, and chatbot features.

Does Pipedrive offer Lead Generation capibilities?

Pipedrive's Prospector feature allows you to comb through millions of contacts and organizations based on your criteria.

Does Pipedrive offer Customized Reporting?

Pipedrive's advanced plans allow you to create multiple dashboards and reports. Although limiting today, it is a work in progress, and you can always set up data pipelines to visualize your data in tools like Google Data Studio and Tableau.

Is Pipedrive difficult to learn?

Pipedrive has a really flat learning curve and helps staff hit the ground running just after a single coaching call and using free resources on YouTube and the Pipedrive Community.


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