Guessing Genders using Google Sheets and using API

Updated: October 10, 2022

Learn how to guess genders in a list of names in Google Sheets and, alternatively, using APIs with the help of tools like Craftar.

If you have a list of names and you want to guess their genders, here’s a nifty utility developed in Google Sheets that you will find handy.

Using Google Sheets

This Google Sheet contains two tabs:

Guessing Gender

The columns highlighted in yellow are input columns, and the ones highlighted in green are output columns.


This Google Sheet contains a tab called ‘Database’ where all the gender information is stored. The Guessing Gender tab pulls information from the Database tab to guess the gender of the person based on their first name. It also comes in handy to add gender information for a new name or edit gender information to Unisex, as and when needed.

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How to Use?


  • Paste the list of names, as values, in column B of tab: Guessing Gender.
  • If you have a unique identifier for each name, that could go into column A in tab: Guessing Gender.
  • Go to the Menu bar at the top, and from the top-level menu, Genius, click on Guess Gender — a Google Apps Script. (Check this post to learn how to automate your spreadsheets using Google Apps Scripts.)
  • The script will guess the gender for each name in column C: Guessed Gender.


  • If the guessed gender is ‘Unisex’, or appears to be the opposite of what you thought, use column E, Manual Correction, to update it.
  • If column D, Guessed Gender, doesn’t guess anything, you can add those values in column C, First Name, at the end of the tab: Database in column A, First Name, and add Gender information in column B, Gender. The tab will automatically update the gender information for these names for which the value in the Gender column was previously missing.


At the end of this exercise, columns A, B, F (Unique ID, Name, Gender) will be your output and you can download these columns to use in your subsequent work.

Using APIs - Craftar

Craftar is an exciting new automation platform that allows you to create custom workflows with extremely powerful blocks to manipulate data.

Moreover, Craftar also promises to be more affordable than other automation platforms like Zapier and Make.

Want to hyper-personalize your marketing emails, use Craftar to add pronouns to your email marketing database.

Check out the automation in action in the video below.


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