How to create barcodes in Google Sheets with Barcode Fonts

Updated on: December 24, 2022

Learn how to create barcodes in Google Sheets or Excel using formatting with Barcode Fonts like Libre Barcode.

What are barcodes in Google Sheets?

You can generate barcodes in Google Sheets using existing plain-text data in the Google Sheets document. Barcodes in Google Sheets are essentially a font and all you have to do is change the font of the column to a barcode font to be able to create barcodes in Google Sheets.

Creating barcodes in Google Sheets

Simply select the column of values that you want to convert to a barcode. Then, head to the font section in your toolbar to select the right font.

Example of Barcodes in Google Sheets

If you can't find the barcode font in the list of fonts, click the More fonts button in the Font menu.

Search for 39 in the list of fonts and select the fonts you'd like to use.

Steps to add Barcode Font in Google Sheets

Learn how to scan barcodes into a spreadsheet

Barcode fonts in Google Sheets

How to print barcodes in Excel or Google Sheets

You can download this file as an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx extension). You will have to install a barcode font on your computer to see barcodes in Excel, and then repeat the process of changing the font of the barcode column to the newly installed barcode font.

If you want to print these codes, you can print them straight out of the Google Sheets document to a printer or to a PDF.

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