eCommerce Store: Launch your free shop in minutes using Glide Apps

Updated on: March 28, 2022

Build your own eCommerce Store in minutes without any code using Glide Apps, Google Sheets, and Airtable.


Many no-code platforms in the market today allow you to launch a webstore or an eCommerce store instantly. However, nothing comes close to the simplicity and speed that Glide Apps offers. All of this from a simple Google Sheets spreadsheet. I created a Glide Apps Template to allow you to launch your own eCommerce store in minutes.

Homepage of ecommerce store template in Glide Apps
Listing details and Add to Cart for ecommerce store template in Glide Apps

Interested in building apps from spreadsheets and Airtable?

Live Demo

You can see a LIVE demo of the app here.

If you'd like some help to build an app like this, check out my Glide Apps Development service.

Ongoing Costs

The Glide Apps platform is free to use for up to 500 rows of data in Google Sheets.

However, upgrading to a paid plan offers a number of advantages, among other things:

  • Using your own custom domain (as compared to a xyz(dot)glideapp(dot)io domain)
  • Increased data limits (25,000 rows and 10GB as compared to 500 rows and 100MB)
  • Lower processing fees (2% as compared to 10%)
  • No Glide branding


You can purchase this template for $14.99 in the Glide Apps Template store.

Purchase Link

Buy on Glide Apps for $14.99.

I also have a variant of this app where you can auction your work by inviting bids from your customers.


The best thing about developing an app with Glide Apps is that you don't have to worry if it's an iOS app or an Android app. You develop one app, and users from both mobile platforms can access it without any additional work from you.

That said, the template offers the following features out-of-the-box:


  • A carousel of up to 4 featured pictures on the home page
  • Up to 4 categories of products based on your niche
  • Link to your website and your support email address

Browsing Catalog and Products

  • Browsing the entire catalog in one view, filtered by category
  • Browsing products based on individual categories
  • Displaying OUT OF STOCK and IN STOCK status of each product

Shopping Cart

  • Ability to add multiple products to the shopping cart
  • In-app checkout process supported by Stripe


  • Ability to add/update/remove products
  • Ability to update and maintain stock levels
  • Track orders in a separate tab of the workbook


You will be able to customize the template to suit your needs from the Glide App builder. Once inside the builder, you will be able to customize the app according to your taste and brand guidelines.


I don't expect you to learn Glide Apps in the next 10 minutes, but there are a number of resources available to you to learn building apps with this amazing platform:


In a world of no-code platforms, Glide Apps offers you the fastest and the swiftest way to launch your eCommerce store in minutes. In most cases, it will be free of cost to maintain, but just in case you manage to get decent traction, you can upgrade and reap the benefits of the simplicity of this platform.

Hopefully, you will have more time to work on your brand and product development now.

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