22 Suitable Softr alternatives by application

A comprehensive list of Softr alternatives based on the type of applications you want to build for your business.


In the digital age, online platforms are essential for creating web applications, websites, e-commerce stores, and more. Softr has been a popular option, but there are many Softr alternatives available. This article provides a comprehensive list of Softr alternatives based on the type of applications you want to build.

Softr Alternatives
Softr Alternatives

Softr alternatives to build Web Apps

  • WeWeb [10% off for first 12 months] for scalable web apps – ideal for business apps and SaaS solutions
  • Bubble for advanced web apps
  • Adalo for native mobile apps, web apps, and PWAs

Softr alternatives to build internal business apps

Softr alternatives to build simple SEO-friendly directories

  • Ycode for stunning SEO-friendly websites and directories with Airtable as backend
  • Spreadsimple for simple SEO-friendly directories

Softr alternatives to build Websites with Blog/CMS

  • Framer [3 FREE months on an annual Pro plan (code: partner25proyearly)] for beautiful and SEO-friendly websites, landing pages
  • Webflow for beautiful and SEO-friendly websites, landing pages – older than Framer, but with more features
  • PageCloud for high performing websites, AI-powered content, custom forms, built in analytics
  • Versoly for SEO-friendly websites and landing pages with blog
  • Typedream for a Notion-like website-building experience
  • Dorik for inexpensive website/landing page + blog builder

Softr alternatives to build Landing Pages and Websites

  • Carrd for inexpensive single-page landing pages
  • InstaPages for customizable landing pages for marketing campaigns
  • Unicorn Platform [20% discount (code: viafirst20)] for landing pages, websites, and very basic directories
  • Unbounce for landing pages that work well with paid advertising
  • LeadPages for sales pages

Softr alternatives to build e-Commerce stores

  • Shopify is the most popular online shopping platform
  • Tradly for marketplace shopping apps
  • ShareTribe is again for marketplaces


There are numerous Softr alternatives that cater to different needs, from building web apps to creating e-commerce stores. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, the perfect platform for your needs is out there. Remember to consider each platform’s features, pricing, and user-friendliness when making your choice.