Monthly Subscription Baby Care Products for Newborns in India

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Bringing a newborn baby into the world is an incredibly joyous and fulfilling experience. However, along with the joy comes the responsibility of caring for the little one’s delicate needs. Choosing the right baby care products for newborn babies is essential to ensure their comfort, well-being, and overall development. In India, where the market is flooded with a plethora of options, it can be overwhelming for new parents to navigate through the choices.

I have compiled a comprehensive list of baby care products that are highly recommended for newborns in India and available on subscription from Amazon.

This list is compiled based on my own experience of purchasing these items for my niece who was born in late 2022.

I have also compiled this list in the form of an app. You can save/bookmark the app URL to your phone’s home screen too to have ready access to this list.

Baby Care Products for New Born Babies in India

Here’s a list of products to provide home care for bedridden patients.

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Monthly subscription of hygiene-related baby care products

Baby Diapers

Baby diapers are essential for newborn care at home, ensuring hygiene and comfort. They play a crucial role in managing waste, preventing skin irritation, and minimizing potential infections. Using the right size and changing diapers frequently can improve a baby’s health and sleep quality. They offer convenience to caregivers, reducing cleaning efforts and making outdoor activities more manageable. Hence, diapers are a fundamental part of the early years of child-rearing.

Baby Wet Wipes

Baby wet wipes are essential in newborn care at home, providing a gentle, effective method for cleaning during diaper changes. They’re hypoallergenic, often infused with moisturizing agents and soothing aloe to protect the baby’s delicate skin. Additionally, they’re convenient for quick clean-ups after feeding or during travel. Proper use can help maintain hygiene and prevent diaper rash, contributing to the infant’s overall health and comfort.

Garbage Bags to dispose of baby diapers and wipes

Garbage bags are essential in newborn care at home for sanitary disposal of diapers, wipes, and other waste. They help maintain cleanliness, reduce odor, and prevent the spread of germs. Additionally, they can be used for temporary storage of soiled clothing or bibs before laundry. This contributes to a hygienic environment, promoting the overall health and well-being of the baby.

Paper Tissues for baby care

Paper tissues play a crucial role in newborn care at home, offering a sanitary solution for a variety of needs. They’re used for gentle cleaning during diaper changes, wiping runny noses, and handling spit-ups. They are also handy during feeding times to clean any spills. As they’re disposable, they help maintain hygiene by preventing the spread of germs. Therefore, tissues are an essential item in a baby’s daily care regime.

Hand Sanitizer for baby care

Hand sanitizer is crucial in newborn care at home to reduce the spread of germs. Before handling the baby, caregivers, family members and visitors should use it to ensure cleanliness. Especially vital before feeding or changing diapers, the sanitizer should contain at least 60% alcohol. However, it’s not a substitute for proper handwashing, which should be done when visibly dirty. Keep sanitizer out of infants’ reach to prevent accidental ingestion.

Talc-cum-Powder for baby care

Talc-cum-Powder is commonly used in newborn care to absorb moisture, prevent diaper rash, and promote skin comfort. However, it should be used judiciously to avoid respiratory issues. Ensure it doesn’t reach the baby’s face and always apply to clean, dry skin. Prefer cornstarch-based powders if talc raises concerns about potential health risks.

Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo, specifically designed for newborns, is essential for home baby care. Its gentle, tear-free formula ensures safe, irritation-free cleaning of the baby’s delicate hair and scalp. It helps maintain natural moisture, preventing dryness or scalp issues. Hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals, baby shampoos are often pH-balanced to match a baby’s skin, promoting optimal skin health. Regular use can assist in nurturing the baby’s hair growth and cleanliness.

Baby Body Wash

Body wash plays a crucial role in newborn care at home, promoting hygiene and health. Specially formulated for a baby’s delicate skin, it gently cleanses away dirt and bacteria without causing irritation or dryness. It’s used during bath times, ensuring the baby remains fresh, comfortable, and free from rashes or allergies. A tear-free and hypoallergenic body wash should be chosen to ensure safety and comfort for the newborn.

Monthly subscription to nourishment-related baby care products

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used to provide skin care for newborns at home. Its natural, hypoallergenic properties can help soothe diaper rash and cradle cap. Additionally, it serves as an effective moisturizer, preventing dry skin. Its anti-microbial aspect can protect the baby’s sensitive skin. However, it is recommended to perform a patch test first to ensure the baby is not allergic to coconut oil.

Body Lotion

Body lotion for newborns aids in maintaining their delicate skin’s moisture balance, preventing dryness and irritation. Lotions formulated for babies are typically gentle, hypoallergenic, and free from harsh chemicals, making them safe for regular use. This essential skincare routine not only enhances the baby’s skin health but also provides a soothing experience, cementing the bond between parents and their newborn.

Baby Hair Comb

A Baby Hair Comb is a valuable tool for newborn care at home, designed to gently manage fine baby hair and scalp health. It’s used to detangle hair, distribute natural oils evenly, stimulate the scalp, and prevent cradle cap. Its soft, rounded bristles ensure the baby’s comfort, making it an essential part of the baby grooming kit to promote healthy hair growth and contribute to the overall well-being of the baby.

Stretch Oil

Stretch Oil is a gentle, soothing topical product used for newborn care at home. It supports the baby’s skin health, promotes flexibility, and prevents dryness. Applied during massage, it aids in strengthening the baby’s muscles and stimulating growth. Its natural, non-toxic ingredients ensure the baby’s delicate skin remains protected and nourished, contributing to its overall well-being.

Monthly subscription to nutrition-related baby care products

Lactogen 1/2/3/4

Lactogen 1/2/3/4 are stages of Nestlé’s infant formula designed to supplement or replace breastfeeding. Lactogen 1 is suitable from birth, while Lactogen 2 is for babies from 6 months, offering added nutrients. Lactogen 3 and 4 are for toddlers (1-3 years), providing essential nutrients and promoting healthy growth. This series supports parents in feeding their babies at home, especially when breastfeeding isn’t possible or needs supplementation.

Food & Fruit Feeder/Nibbler

The Food & Fruit Feeder/Nibbler is a beneficial tool for newborn care at home. It allows babies to safely explore new tastes and textures, aiding their transition to solid foods. Its secure design prevents choking, offering parents peace of mind. The feeder also soothes teething discomfort, doubles as a toy, and encourages self-feeding, promoting fine motor skills development.


As a new parent, you want nothing but the best for your newborn, and choosing the right baby care products plays a significant role in their overall well-being. This carefully curated list of 30+ baby care products provides you with a reliable resource to ensure that you are equipped with the essentials for your little one.

Remember to consider factors such as the baby’s skin sensitivity, safety certifications, and ingredient lists while making your purchases. It’s always a good idea to consult with your pediatrician before introducing any new product to your baby’s routine. With the right baby care products by your side, you can embark on this beautiful journey of parenthood with confidence, knowing that you are giving your baby the love and care they deserve.