One-time purchase baby care products in India

Here’s a list of one-time purchase baby care products for new born babies in India and the best place to find these on


Bringing a newborn baby into the world is an incredibly joyous and fulfilling experience. However, along with the joy comes the responsibility of caring for the little one’s delicate needs. Choosing the right baby care products for newborn babies is essential to ensure their comfort, well-being, and overall development. In India, where the market is flooded with a plethora of options, it can be overwhelming for new parents to navigate through the choices.

I have compiled a comprehensive list of 30+ baby care products highly recommended for newborns in India.

This list is compiled based on my experience from purchasing these items for my niece (born in late 2022).

I have also compiled this list in the form of an app. You can save/bookmark the app URL to your phone’s home screen too.

List of baby care products

Here’s a list of products to provide home care for bedridden patients.

Monitoring products for baby care in India

Digital thermometer for baby monitoring in India

A digital thermometer is an essential tool in newborn care at home. It provides accurate and quick temperature readings, helping parents monitor their baby’s health. Regular temperature checks can detect fever, a common sign of infection or illness. Both oral and rectal digital thermometers are useful, but rectal readings are typically recommended for infants, due to their increased accuracy.

Baby care products available in India to care for a newborn baby’s hygiene

Mattress-protector for newborn babies

A mattress protector is vital in a newborn baby’s care at home. It safeguards the mattress from leaks and spills, maintaining hygiene and ensuring the baby’s sleep environment remains clean and allergen-free. It also extends mattress longevity. The protector’s waterproof quality is beneficial for preventing damage from diaper accidents. Hence, it aids in creating a comfortable and healthy sleeping atmosphere for the baby.

Silicone finger toothbrush for newborn babies

A Silicone Finger Toothbrush is a vital tool for newborn care, designed for gently cleaning a baby’s gums and emerging teeth. Its soft, non-toxic material ensures safe oral hygiene, aiding in the prevention of oral diseases. Easy to use, it allows caregivers to effectively manage a baby’s oral health from an early age, facilitating a healthy foundation for eventual tooth growth. It also helps alleviate teething discomfort by massaging the baby’s gums.

Dry Sheets for newborn babies

Baby dry sheets are essential home care items for newborns, providing a comfortable, moisture-free surface for sleep or play. They protect mattresses from diaper leaks and spit-ups, thereby promoting hygiene. Made from absorbent, breathable materials, these sheets also help regulate temperature, prevent rashes, and contribute to a baby’s overall health and comfort. Dry sheets make cleanup easier, ensuring a stress-free environment for both the baby and parents.

High Chair for Babies

High chairs for babies provide a safe, elevated space for feeding and interacting with newborns at home. They secure the baby during meal times, prevent choking hazards, and offer easy cleaning. High chairs also promote early socialization and learning by allowing the baby to join family meals. They are essential for nurturing newborns, combining safety and convenience in baby care.

Baby Feeding Bottle

A Baby Feeding Bottle is essential for newborn care at home, facilitating the feeding process. It can be used for both formula and expressed breast milk, enabling caregivers to measure intake accurately. Its design often imitates a mother’s breast, promoting easy transition and reducing colic. Regular sterilization ensures the baby’s safety. It allows other family members to share feeding duties, promoting bonding and providing mothers with rest.

Squeezy Silicone Food Feeder for Baby

The Squeezy Silicone Food Feeder aids newborn baby care at home by providing a safe, hygienic way to introduce solids. With its soft, squeezable silicone bulb, it allows controlled feeding, reducing the risk of choking. Its BPA-free construction ensures it’s safe for babies, and it’s easy to clean, making it a convenient tool for parents transitioning their infants from milk to their first solid foods.

Baby sipper cup

A Sipper, or baby sipper cup, is an essential tool for newborn care at home. It aids in transitioning infants from breastfeeding or bottle-feeding to drinking from a regular cup. Designed to prevent spills, the sipper cup helps in teaching babies hand-to-mouth coordination while encouraging independence. Its use promotes healthy oral development, reduces gas intake, and is a step towards self-feeding, thus facilitating an easier weaning process.

Playtime products for newborn babies

Play Mat for Babies

A Play Mat for babies is a home care essential, offering a safe, engaging space for newborns to play and develop. It stimulates sensory exploration, supports physical development like rolling or crawling, and aids cognitive growth through colors, shapes, and textures. It also provides comfort and safety, keeping the baby off the floor, thus ensuring hygiene. The play mat, therefore, forms an integral part of nurturing a newborn’s early learning and development at home.

Baby Pacifier

A baby pacifier is a useful tool for newborn care at home, offering comfort and promoting self-soothing. It can aid in sleep training, help with pain relief during teething, and reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). However, it should be used carefully to avoid overdependence, the development of dental issues, or nipple confusion in breastfeeding babies. Regular cleaning is vital to ensure hygiene and safety.

Inflatable Tummy Time Water Mat

The Inflatable Tummy Time Water Mat is a tool used in caring for a newborn at home. It provides babies a safe and engaging surface during tummy time, promoting physical development and strengthening neck, shoulder, and abdominal muscles. Its colorful and captivating underwater scene captivates a baby’s attention, encouraging cognitive growth and sensory stimulation, while also enhancing hand-eye coordination.

Products to ensure a newborn baby’s safety

Bed Rail Guard for Baby

A Bed Rail Guard for babies is a crucial tool for newborn care at home, acting as a safety barrier on beds or cribs. It prevents the baby from accidentally rolling off while sleeping, ensuring a safe, worry-free sleeping environment. Moreover, it helps transition toddlers from crib to bed securely. This safety device provides peace of mind to parents, minimizing risks while maximizing comfort for the little ones.

Baby Carrier/Kangaroo Bag

A Baby Carrier/Kangaroo Bag allows parents to keep their newborn babies close, promoting bonding and facilitating breastfeeding. It offers hands-free convenience for multitasking at home while ensuring the baby’s comfort and safety. Its ergonomic design supports the baby’s hips, spine, and neck, helping to prevent physical strain. The Kangaroo Bag also recreates the intimate, womb-like environment, providing a calming effect for the baby.

Baby Head Protector/Helmet

A Baby Head Protector/Helmet is a safety device used in newborn care at home to prevent head injuries during early crawling and walking stages. It shields the baby’s soft skull from potential bumps and bruises, providing an extra layer of protection while the infant explores their surroundings. This device supports a safe environment, promoting the child’s mobility development while giving parents peace of mind.

Baby Stroller

A baby stroller is an essential tool for newborn care at home, providing safe and comfortable transportation for the baby during walks or outings. It offers convenience to parents, allowing them to carry out tasks hands-free. Designed with safety features, strollers also offer adjustable seating for the baby’s comfort and nap times. They enhance early experiences by exposing the baby to different environments while ensuring their safety and comfort.

Sleep-related products for newborn babies

Blanket/Quilt for Babies

Blankets/quilts are crucial for newborn care at home, providing warmth and comfort to the baby. They maintain optimal body temperature and help in quality sleep. While choosing a blanket or quilt, ensure it’s lightweight, breathable, and hypoallergenic to prevent overheating and allergies. However, during sleep, swaddling or sleep sacks are safer to minimize the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) associated with loose bedding.

King-size bed mosquito net for babies

A mosquito net provides essential protection for a newborn baby at home, guarding against harmful insects and diseases such as malaria or dengue. This affordable, easy-to-use tool provides a physical barrier that ensures a safe and undisturbed sleep environment for the child, reducing the risk of insect bites and the potential subsequent health complications. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in newborn care and protection.


As a new parent, you want nothing but the best for your newborn, and choosing the right baby care products plays a significant role in their overall well-being.

Remember to consider factors such as the baby’s skin sensitivity, safety certifications, and ingredient lists while making your purchases. It’s always a good idea to consult with your pediatrician before introducing any new product to your baby’s routine. With the right baby care products by your side, you can embark on this beautiful journey of parenthood with confidence, knowing that you are giving your baby the love and care they deserve.