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Bespoke software development using Nocode platforms like Glide Apps, Noloco, StackerHQ, Softr, Zapier, Make!

I am well-versed with multiple nocode platforms

Each of the following NoCode platforms has certified me as an expert!

Glide Apps

Build internal tools, MVPs, business applications in days

My Glide Apps Expert Profile


Instantly create internal tools from Airtable or Google Sheets

My Noloco Expert Profile


Create internal apps or client portals.

My Stacker Expert Profile


Turn your Airtable into portals or internal tools.

My Softr Expert Profile

My thoughts on NoCode

A collection of my opinions about the NoCode space.

Getting Started with NoCode: a short guide (2022)

For learners who want to get started in the NoCode space to bring their ideas to life by building products faster.


How to Monetize your NoCode Expertise

A playbook to make money from your NoCode expertise using any or multiple NoCode platforms.


Personal CRM: How to build your own or use SaaS apps

Discover the best personal CRM solutions, from simple databases, to nocode solutions, to dedicated SaaS solutions.


Custom software ideas to build with Nocode Platforms

Discover custom software ideas for businesses and explore the nocode platforms and examples to create software faster and cheaper.


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