Glide App Example: An online courses directory to help educational institutes go online

Updated on: February 16, 2023

An example of a Glide App to help local educational institutes publish information about online courses they offer at their institute.

Courses Discovery App for Online Schools built using Glide Apps

Educational institutes of all kinds need a simple means to announce information about their online class schedule, courses, teachers, etc. This handy application template built using Glide Apps and a simple Google Sheets document will help launch one such platform within hours if not minutes.


Schools, after-school programs, extra-curricular classes, playschools for kids, coaching institutes, etc. are a few types of educational institutes that have been hit hard by the pandemic. These institutes have had to jump on the online learning bandwagon overnight. Some of these institutes were already conducting some form of online education. But a majority did not anticipate such a drastic change in the way they conducted their business.


For most educational institutes, this change in how they conduct business has come as a surprise. As a result, rewiring business processes and setting up systems to suit the new normal could eat into precious business time. To make this transition easier, these institutes can adopt readily available templates to transform for their business processes.

One such area for improvement is the ability to publish information about online classes, courses, trainers easily with everyone.


Enter Glide Apps.

And as I have demonstrated before (Digital Menu for Restaurants, eCommerce Store, Stock Investments Tracker), with Glide Apps, you can easily create a mobile app using a simple Google Sheets document.

Interested in building apps from spreadsheets and Airtable?

Courses and Instructors Detail Views
Dynamic Filters in Glide Apps


Once you buy this template:

  • Open the Google Sheets document associated with the template
  • Update the information in the Google Sheets document
  • Customize the labels to suit your business processes
  • Customize the app in the Glide Apps builder

If you'd like some help to build an app like this, check out my Glide Apps Development service.

Live App Demo

Online Courses



  • No more wasteful printing of flyers when announcing new classes
  • A simple implementation that doesn't require a technology expert
  • A completely free application to launch, distribute (for 500 rows of data or less)
  • One less channel of communication with parents and children

Being Customer-centric

  • Publish information about your trainers, courses, upcoming classes
  • Allow your customers to browse through your offerings in an organized manner
  • Show course information, syllabus, pre-requisites for every course
  • Allow your customers to search for classes to suit their needs
  • A mobile-friendly app that makes finding information easy


Educational institutes will need time to transition to new ways of conducting business. Adopting small apps like these will help them grow by leaps and bounds, at minimal costs. At the same time, initiatives like these show that institutes are indeed customer-centric. It will help them build trust with parents and children, which will pay off immensely in the long run.

Don't wait.

Launch an app for your institute with Glide Apps in minutes.

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