Amit Sarda is an Airtable Consultant

Looking for an Airtable Consultant?

I am an Airtable Consultant and I help SMB founders with Airtable setup, design, and optimization for various functions in their businesses. I also build web and mobile apps on top of Airtable.

Types of Airtable Consulting Engagements

Spreadsheets to Airtable

Migrate data from spreadsheets like Google Sheets and Excel to Airtable

Airtable Base Design

Design an Airtable base from scratch based on your requirements

Airtable Integration

Integrate other apps with Airtable and automate things within Airtable

Building on top of Airtable

Create advanced web apps using Softr, Glide, Noloco, and Stacker.

Business functions that Airtable can be used for


Create bespoke CRMs to keep track of your customers, sales, relationships.


Manage projects, inventory, logistics, transportation, and orders.

Human Resources

Manage recruitment using custom ATS, maintain employee records, office supplies.

Nocode Backend

Build apps on top of Airtable using tools like Glide Apps, Noloco, Stacker, Softr.

Nocode platforms that help build on top of Airtable

I am a Certified Expert for each of the following platforms.

Glide Apps

Build internal tools, MVPs, business applications using Airtable and Glide.

My Glide Apps Expert Profile


Build websites, web apps, client portals, and directories using Airtable and Softr.

My Softr Expert Profile


Build web apps, internal tools, and client portals using Airtable and Noloco.

My Noloco Expert Profile


Transform Google Sheets workbooks & Airtable bases into custom apps.

My StackerHQ Expert Profile

Learn how to level up your Airtable bases

Here's the complete technology or nocode stack to help you build on top of your data in Airtable.

Our awesome features
Views and Layouts inside Airtable

Use various layouts and multiple views along with sorting and filtering options in Airtable to show meaningful data.

Our awesome features
Airtable Interface Designer

Use Airtable's new offering 'Interface Designer' to create functional apps with custom layouts and advanced permissions.

Our awesome features
Using Softr

Softr allows you to create beautiful SEO-optimized websites, and web-apps like directories, and simple portals with visibility control and permissions.

Our awesome features
Using Glide Apps, Noloco, and Stacker

Build functional web apps like CRMs, Customer Portals, etc. using Glide Pages, Noloco, and Stacker.


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