The Ultimate List of Contact Form Solutions for 2024

A list of simple, user-friendly form builders and contact form solutions to enhance your data collection efforts.


In the digital age, efficient data collection is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Contact forms are essential tools for gathering customer information, generating leads, and enhancing user engagement. With a plethora of options available, choosing the right contact form solution can be daunting. To help you make an informed decision, I have compiled a list of the top 11 contact form solutions for 2024. Whether you’re looking for advanced features, ease of use, or affordability, there’s a tool here for everyone.

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List of Contact Form Solutions for 2024

Contact Form Solutions for 2024

SoftwareDescriptionSignup Perks
EnchargeNurture, convert, and onboard customers with a marketing automation platform built for B2B SaaS businesses.
MakeFormsMakeForms is a SaaS tool to build custom forms, surveys, & quizzes for your website. Sign up today to start collecting data! with MakeForms’ Online form builder
FilloutCreate powerful forms, surveys and quizzes your audience will answer. Store responses directly where you need them.
GoZenAI-powered forms, capture leads, and automate content and email marketing with GoZen2 months FREE on any paid plan
involve.meBuild multi-step AI forms & surveys for your website. Improve conversions & data collection. Use AI to automate creation, personalization & data analysis.15% off on first purchase
FormalooCreate beautiful, engaging surveys that get smarter with every response with Formaloo
JotformGo from busy work to less work with powerful forms that use conditional logic, accept payments, generate reports, and automate workflows.50% OFF on first subscription
Convert CalculatorBuild beautiful calculators and forms with our easy-to-use calculator builder. Use pre-made templates or create a calculator for your website from scratch!
TypeformPeople-Friendly Forms and Surveys
GravityFormsCreate custom forms on WordPress with Gravity Forms, the easiest-to-use, secure, and reliable WordPress form builder plugin for your website.
TallyFormsThe simplest way to create forms
Contact Form Solutions for 2024

1. Encharge

Encharge is a powerful marketing automation platform designed for B2B SaaS businesses. It enables you to nurture, convert, and onboard customers seamlessly. With its robust automation features, Encharge helps streamline your marketing efforts, making it easier to manage customer journeys from start to finish.

2. MakeForms

MakeForms is a versatile SaaS tool that allows you to create custom forms, surveys, and quizzes for your website. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to start collecting data immediately. Whether you need to gather customer feedback or conduct market research, MakeForms has you covered.

3. Fillout

Fillout empowers you to create engaging forms, surveys, and quizzes that your audience will want to answer. It offers seamless integration with various platforms, ensuring that responses are stored directly where you need them. Fillout is perfect for businesses seeking to enhance their data collection processes.

4. GoZen

GoZen leverages AI to create intelligent forms that capture leads effectively. In addition to form building, GoZen offers automated content and email marketing solutions. Enjoy two months free on any paid plan and discover how GoZen can transform your lead generation strategy.

5. is designed to boost conversions and data collection through multi-step AI forms and surveys. Its AI-driven features automate creation, personalization, and data analysis, providing valuable insights into your audience. Take advantage of a 15% discount on your first purchase and experience the power of

6. Formaloo

Formaloo enables you to create beautiful, engaging surveys that get smarter with each response. Its intuitive interface and advanced analytics make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to gather and analyze customer feedback effectively.

7. Jotform

Jotform is a robust form builder that simplifies workflow automation. With features like conditional logic, payment acceptance, and report generation, Jotform helps reduce busy work. Benefit from a 50% discount on your first subscription and streamline your data collection process.

8. Convert Calculator

Convert Calculator allows you to create stunning calculators and forms using pre-made templates or custom designs. Its easy-to-use builder is perfect for websites looking to offer interactive and engaging tools to their users.

9. Typeform

Typeform is known for its people-friendly forms and surveys. Its conversational interface ensures high response rates and user engagement. If you’re looking to create forms that feel more personal and interactive, Typeform is an excellent choice.

10. GravityForms

GravityForms is a reliable WordPress form builder plugin that offers custom form creation. Known for its security and ease of use, GravityForms is ideal for WordPress users looking to integrate advanced forms into their websites effortlessly.

11. TallyForms

TallyForms prides itself on simplicity and ease of use. It’s the simplest way to create forms without compromising on functionality. TallyForms is perfect for businesses that need straightforward and effective form solutions.


Choosing the right contact form solution can significantly impact your business’s ability to collect and utilize data effectively. Each of the tools listed above offers unique features and benefits tailored to different needs and preferences. By understanding what each solution brings to the table, you can select the best fit for your website and start capturing valuable insights today.